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Founded by Elodie Herelle, an experienced and dedicated native French instructor, French AnyWay is an unequaled French tutoring concept. Exclusive, adaptable, the French AnyWay method allows students to excel in French academically and adult learners and students to communicate in French with ease. The lessons are in private or group settings in our Brooklyn (649 Morgan Avenue) and Manhattan (90 Broad Street) locations, at your home or office and online via Skype. The online setting gives you the opportunity to communicate with French native instructors flexibly.  In any case, whether online or in-person, with French AnyWay, students get efficient French lessons right from the comfort of their home or their office*!

* For individual in-person lessons we meet you wherever you feel: Coffee Shops, Book shops, lounges, parks, and libraries. 

For group in-person lessons, we'll see you in one of our spaces in NYC.

The instructors

All instructors are carefully selected. Each instructor is a native French speaker, who is highly-qualified, results-driven and friendly. They all have a great pedagogical sense and a passion for helping students learn and communicate in French.

French Anyway instructors are either certified French teachers, graduated with a Master's Degree or artists strategically using their art (songs, theatrical dialogs) to give confidence to students to speak French comfortably. They all are experts of the French language and have years of experience, success and track records in teaching French, making students converse in French and, for a majority of them*, pass tests with strong scores.

*Students taking tests such as SAT, AP, Baccalaureat will be matched with teachers that have extensive experience and track records in helping students passing these tests. Corporate students will be matched with teachers that have worked in the corporate world - former sales or marketing executives turned successful certified teachers.

French AnyWay caters to Adults

French AnyWay has been created with the ambition to make adults speak the French language they will most likely use and enjoy speaking. Whether you want to know basic French or you want to improve your French; whether you are preparing for a trip to France or you want to be able to communicate with your clients or associates; whether you want to correct these French blunders that have been bothering you or fix your pronunciation? We'll have you covered!


....and to Students

We help students from 6th* grade to grad school by giving the support and motivation they need to be successful in class and get better grades on their tests and exams. We also offer custom classes to students who would want to take French but don't have the opportunity at their school.

Finally, French AnyWay successfully prepares students to take and pass exams such as SAT, AP, Baccalaureat, DELF, DALF ... with flying colors!

* from 1st grade for in-person sessions only.

We Offer Private Lessons

Our Private Sessions are catered to each student's level. From one student to another, no private session will ever be the same! We adapt to the pace and learning goals of each of our students and ensure their goals are met. You can either choose one of our programs or go for an entirely personalized curriculum.

... and Group Lessons

The Group Lessons are unlike any other out there. They revolve around common topics and help each individual student progress gradually.

It all started with Greenpoint

Driven by her passion for tutoring her native French language, Over the school year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018, Elodie has tutored over 50 students enrolled in the Dual Language Program at PS110 Monitor School from pre-k to 5th grade. With the growing demand for tutoring and Elodie's desire to assist as many children as possible, she created French Anyway to open group programs.

Despite French Anyway growth with new tutors, and she also took over a prominent language school in Manhattan - Tribeca Language, Elodie continues teaching herself students from PS110.

About Elodie

A native French, Elodie has studied 6 different languages in depth, learned about the intricacies of linguistics, communication and translation throughout her college and grad school years - while obtaining an M.A. in Languages. Using her strong background, she has been tutoring and teaching French for over 15 years. She has worked with multiple renowned Language Schools and Tutoring Agencies in Paris and New York, and also developed a large clientele of students in France and in the USA. With French AnyWay, she shares her knowledge and savoir-faire not only to ensure that you learn French you need in an efficient way but also that you can speak it and converse comfortably.

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