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Adult Sessions in NYC

Speak French In the Big Apple! In-Person
French AnyWay has been created with the ambition to make adults speak the French language they will most likely use and enjoy speaking. Whether you want to know basic French or you want to improve your French, whether you are preparing for a trip to France or you want to be able to make converse your French-speaking clients and associates, whether you want to correct these French blunders that has been bothering you or fix your pronunciation? We'll have you covered!

Conversational Beginners

With this beginner program, learn the very basics of the French conversation from greetings and introductions to talking about your family and your job or favorite hobbies!

Available in Group Sessions - Start date to be announced!

Conversational Intermediate
This intermediate conversational program is designed for French learners who know quite enough to speak the language but still need some additional guidance with vocabulary, structures and grammatical points.

Conversational Advanced

The whole purpose of this advanced program is to speak about life topics that you fancy or would love to talk about with French acquaintances. 

Available in Group Sessions - Start date to be announced!

Prepare For A French trip

Looking to visit Paris with your family? Planning a honeymoon on a French Caribbean Island? or a business trip in France? Whatever you need to be able to say, we'll prepare you for it.

Available in Group Sessions - Start date to be announced!

Strengthen Your Grammar

The French Grammar is one of the trickiest to learn, with all its rules and very prominent exceptions. With this "Strengthen Your Grammar" program, we'll go over the grammar points and blunders that need to get fixed so you can speak a flawless French.


Talk About What You Love

Wouldn't you love spending an hour or more talking about what makes your heart sing, what gets you up in the morning or what you are most passionate about? Tell us about it and we'll prepare a program that will be just what you're looking for.

Customized Program

This is a hybrid program that will be built according to your specific learning objectives.

Private Session Programs For Adults

Individual Classes Conditions:

Private lessons are designed for 1 student per session. These private lessons are individual and cannot be transferred.


The private sessions can be purchased individually or per package. In order to get the reduced package-prices, you must purchase the entire package at once.

Each session or package must be paid at least 48 hours before the session.

25% of the fee per class will be added per additional student.


Payment Options (Individual and Group Classes):

We accept payment with Paypal and major credit cards.

Cancellation Policy:

For Individual classes only: Up to 24 hours before the session. All sessions cancelled within 24 hours will be charged.

For group classes: No refund or make up classes offered.

Late Policy for individual classes:

Each session will be held during the allotted time period and will not be extended due to delay. Please be on time at your session and notify us of any delay. 

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