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SAT & AP French Tests Preparation

Maximize Your SAT or AP French Tests
with one of our preparation programs!

We work hand-in-hand with our students so they can improve their overall level in French and , thus, perform better: with better grades, higher confidence, improved pronunciation, mastery of grammar points and other French language notions (vocabulary, structure etc.). We'll follow your pace, adapt to your level and help you catch up with your French class curriculum or syllabus!

SAT French Subject Test Preparation
AP French Language and Culture Test Preparation

Passing the SAT French Subject Test 

Getting a high score on your SAT French Subject Test can definitely give you an edge and make you stand out in college admission.

Not only does it make you shine but it also showcases your strengths and skills.Whether required or not,if you have an advanced knowledge in French, we strongly recommend you take the test and prepare for it to the best of your abilities.

It shows your language skills and can propel you to a higher level of French courses. 

Our SAT French Subject Test Preparation Program

Our program consists in:

  • Establishing a strategic study plan with milestone goals

  • Recommending/providing materials needed to study

  • Helping the students study actively

  • Working with their learning style

  • Focusing on the areas they need to improve

  • Preparing them efficiently for the test so trhey can maximize their score!

  • Overall, improving their French grammar, vocabulary, reading and comprehension skills

Structure of the program

  • 7 to 15 sessions will be primarily focused on grammar, vocabulary, review, reading comprehension as well as SAT-specific practice exercises covering all parts of the test

  • 3 to 5 sessions will be focused on taking practice tests in real-test conditions

  • Each session will be complemented with assignments and/or homework

We offer packages for individual lessons or group lessons in Manhattan and online.

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Passing the AP French Language and Culture Test

The Advanced Placement Program (AP) French Language and Culture is a fantastic test and evaluation that gives the opportunity to showcase your proficiency of the French language.

With a qualifying score,students can receive college credit  and/or get placed into advanced courses when entering college.

The great advantage of this test for French-language lovers is that it not only weigh you language skills but also your competence in communication of the romantic language and its cultural understanding. 

Our AP French Language & Culture Preparation Program

Our program consists in:

  • Increasing students' French listening and understanding skills

  • Focusing on communication strategy and vocabulary usage

  • Developing your cultural awareness

  • Reinforcing students' interpretive communication skills  through print and audio resources

  • Reinforcing  students' communication skills through oral and written expression

How Do We Best Prepare AP French Students?

We strategically optimize the following skills:

- Reading and listening to authentic materials in French 

- Analyzing and synthesizing information from various sources

- Answering multiple choice questions efficiently

- Writing emails

- Planning and developing persuasive essays

- Participating in dialogues

- Making oral presentations based on cultural comparison

- Mastering French grammar, vocabulary, structure and idioms 

We also assign/recommend engaging AP-related resources such as  films, broadcasts, podcasts, magazine articles, texts, literature and online articles. 

Structure of the AP French test prep program

We offer a 6 weeks or 12 weeks program with 2 lessons of 2.5 hours per week. 

However for this last stride,we open up registration for a new group in NYC and a new group online for a 5 week program starting the week of April 9th.

The schedule is as follows: 

- In NYC (Midtown): Tuesdays from 6pm to 8pm, Fridays from  6pm to 8pm and Sundays from 2 to 5pm

- Online: Saturdays 2pm to 5pm and Sundays 6.15 to 9.15pm.

We also offer private lessons!

Please contact us at for more info!

AP and SAT French Preparation 

The group sessions must be purchased in package. 

These private lessons are individual and cannot be transferred. 

The private sessions can be purchased individually or per package. In order to get the reduced package-prices, you must purchase the entire package at once.

Each session or package must be paid at least 48 hours before the session.


Payment Options:

We accept payment with Paypal and major credit cards.

Cancellation Policy:

Up to 24 hours before the session. All sessions cancelled within 24 hours will be charged.

Late Policy:

Each session will be held during the allotted time period and will not be extended due to delay. Please be on time at your session and notify us of any delay. In order to avoid delays, we recommend to log-in to Skype or Google Hangouts at least 10 mins before the start of the session.

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