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Adult Learner Comments
Parent Comments

"I have been learning with Elle for about 8 months. She is great. I had some vague notions of French from high-school. Elle helped me put everything together and give me confidence to speak French (a language that I oh-so dreaded to speak)."

— Linda from New York, NY

“Elle has excellent communication and language skills in French grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary, as well as an acute way of teaching  her native language.  She worked tirelessly to inspire me to perform to a very high level and to acquire a keen knowledge and understanding of French that is now close to fluency.

— Laura from New York, NY

“I loved my tutoring sessions with Elle in 2 30-mins lesson a week for about 3 months she changed me. Now I speak with my French speaking friends and my Parisian hairstylist. That's just amazing!”

— Kim from Fort Lauderdale, FL

“ Elle has a way of taking all the difficulties and weirdness out of the French language. ”

— Michael M. from Los Angeles, CA

“I travel to French-speaking countries for work. I learned French many different ways but wasn't able to hold a conversation. With Elle, I felt confident and comfortable speaking French with my clients. ”

Michael C. from New York, NY

“ I find Elle's teaching style amazing! ”

— Katia from San Francisco, CA

“My daughter has been attending the Lycee de Francais in NYC since 1st grade. Elle has been tutoring her with great success. We appreciate that she establishes a joyful, positive and productive learning relationship. Indeed, she is great with a gentle persistence towards her students (I've recommended her to other parents) , which allows her to help them progress while achieving learning objectives and overcome any issue they will encounter while learning or doing their homework.  ”

— Maria from Edgewater, NJ

“Elle was an excellent tutor with Anthony. She was very flexible and adapted to him. She would re-explain the lessons and create exercises during the lessons so he could understand and comprehend any new concept.”

— Rose from Union City, NJ

“Elle taught French to my son when he was in 12th grade. He went from a C- to a B+ in 1 semester.”

— Mark from New York, NY

“My daughter's grade has dramatically improved since she started taking French online with Elle. She finished the fall semester with an A-. I don't know what she does but she does it greatly! Thanks, Elle.”

— Elena from West Hollywood, NY

"Elle is excellent. She's been tutoring my boys for almost a year now. They both go to a bilingual school. They love her. They love the way she teaches and how personable she is! THE BEST TUTOR EVER!!"

— J. T. from Brooklyn, NY

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