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Online Students' Private Sessions

Give a Boost To Your Grades and Ace your SAT/AP/Baccalaureat tests!

We work hand-in-hand with our students so they can improve their overall level in French and , thus, perform better: with better grades, higher confidence, improved pronunciation, mastery of grammar points and other French language notions (vocabulary, structure etc.). We'll follow your pace, adapt to your level and help you catch up with your French class curriculum or syllabus!

Private Session Programs For Students
6th to 12th grades
College and Graduate students

Junior-High / High School French

We adapt strategically to the curriculum or syllabus of your child and make sure he/she can keep up with the lessons taught in class, master the French language and get better grades.

French 1 Curriculum

Whether you are taking French 1 courses at school or you simply want to learn French, we will cover the French 1 curriculum.

French 2 Curriculum

Whether you are taking French 2 courses at school or you simply want to learn French and you have some knowledge of it, we will cover the French 2 curriculum.

French 3 Curriculum

Whether you are taking French 3 courses at school or you simply want to learn French and have taken French in middle school, high school and/or college, we will cover the French 3 curriculum.

College French

Because learning French can be so challenging, we are very versatile when it comes to tutoring our college students and help them achieve success.

Bilingual Curriculum Tutoring

We help students enrolled in French and bilingual schools with keeping up with their curriculum, homework and overall written and oral understanding and expressions. 

A.P. French/ S.A.T. French Tests Preparation

Prepare for the AP and SAT Test efficiently and go to the next academic level with ease and peace of mind!

French For Francophones and Natives

Transferring from the U.S. educational system to the French educational system, can be a tough experience. For this reason, we have designed a program to help students in elementary and middle-school better transition to a French class or program. For this program, the student doesn't need to be fully bilingual but at least fluent.

Conversational French for Students and Teens

This program is designed for students and teenagers looking to learn French for fun or to get around in a French-speaking setting. Beginner and bilingual speakers welcome!

DELF, DALF Tests Preparation

Looking to study in France? We can prepare you for the DELF or DALF and also give you a jist of Conversational French so you don't get totally lost when you get there ;-)

Customized Program

Having a hard time finding the right program for you? No worries! Schedule an assessment session with us and we will cater a program you'll love!

These private lessons are individual and cannot be transferred. 

The private sessions can be purchased individually or per package. In order to get the reduced package-prices, you must purchase the entire package at once.

Each session or package must be paid at least 48 hours before the session.


Payment Options:

We accept payment with Paypal and major credit cards.

Cancellation Policy:

Up to 24 hours before the session. All sessions cancelled within 24 hours will be charged.

Late Policy:

Each session will be held during the allotted time period and will not be extended due to delay. Please be on time at your session and notify us of any delay. In order to avoid delays, we recommend to log-in to Skype or Google Hangouts at least 10 mins before the start of the session.

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