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Adult Sessions in GREENPOINT

Speak French In the Big Apple!
French AnyWay has been created with the ambition to make adults speak the French language they will most likely use and enjoy speaking. Whether you want to know basic French or you want to improve your French, whether you are preparing for a trip to France or you want to be able to make converse your French-speaking clients and associates, whether you want to correct these French blunders that has been bothering you or fix your pronunciation? We'll have you covered!

French Conversations

Mondays: 7.30-8.45pm (March 10th - June 1st)

This conversational program is designed for French learners who know quite enough to speak the language in terms of vocabulary and grammar but still need some additional guidance with vocabulary, structures and grammatical points. It is designed to enhance with practice rather than purely teach.

We'll review some basic blunders to avoid, some conversational musts (greetings, introductions, key expressions. And we will essentially talk about everyday life topics, things you are passionate about. We'll complement our sessions with the study and discussion of newspaper/magazine article, headlines, French songs, a French shows.... A worksheet will be provided prior or at the beginning of the lesson.

This is an intermediary/advanced class.

French for Parents

Mondays: 12.30-1.45pm (March 10th - June 1st)

This class is designed for parents of students learning French at school, and who would like to assist them and guide them in the best possible way.

You'll learn some basic French and also how to best help them with their homework.

The goal is for you to be able to understand the backbone of French and help them build sentences (a skill that is much emphasized on at school).

This is a program most appropriate for parents of students attending PS 110.

This is a beginners' class.

Group Sessions Programs For Adults

Subjects that can be covered:

  • Greetings and introducing oneself and family members

  • Jobs, hobbies

  • Sports

  • Musical tastes

  • Food, veganism and vegetarianism

  • Animals, pets

  • Traveling and countries

  • Living in New York/Brooklyn vs other states or countries

  • French holidays and important dates

  • Past tense (passe compose, Imparfait) and Childhood

  • Environmental problems (Recycling, composting...)

  • Having children

  • Immigration

  • Being Bilingual or Multilingual

  • Yoga, relaxation, meditation

  • Habits (use of reflexive verbs)

  • Shows/Movies

  • The 5 senses

  • French Slang

  • French colloquialism

  • French Idiomatic expressions

  • Privacy

What we will cover:

  • Greetings, introductions, key expressions

  • Numbers and colors

  • School items 

  • Instructions

  • Personal pronouns and Conjugations

  • Use of common regular and irregular verbs (to go, to do/make, like, look at, listen etc.)

  • Tool words and adjectives

  • Building simple and complex sentences

  • Negation

  • Interrogative words and asking questions

  • Animals

  • Family members

  • Possessive adjectives

 Drop-in: $42

 Full session (10 lessons): $395

10% discount applies for PS 110 parents

having children enrolled in the afterschool program or currently taking weekly privates

Payment Options (Individual and Group Classes):

We accept payment with Paypal and major credit cards.

Cancellation Policy:

For group classes: No refund or make up classes offered.

Late Policy for individual classes:

Each session will start promptly at the indicated start time. in order to access the floor where the class will be held, the teacher has to come and manually open the door. Therefore for every student convenience, it is crucial that all students are in the class when the session starts. So please arrive 5 minutes before the lesson or right on time and in case of exceptional delay, please notify us of any delay. 

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