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10 Reasons Why Children Should Learn French

Attention. Table. Audible. Entrepreneur. Cafe. Restaurant.

All these are French words. You didn’t know? Well that’s adorable (another French word).

French is the 3rd most spoken language in the world. In our multicultural/multinational world, it is becoming more and more important socially and for cognitive capacities, to develop bilingual skills. French being such a prominent language it is highly beneficial for English-speakers and other language speakers to start learning as soon as possible.

Here are 10 reasons why you sign-up your child for a French program, school or tutor.

1. French is appealing and melodious

Soft to the palate and to the ear, French is a beautiful and fun language to learn and speak.

2. French is a latin language

Being a latin language, learning French is a great base for learning Spanish and other romance languages, such as Italian and Portuguese.

3. Fluency comes at a young age

Children have an amazing ability to assimilate and retain a language before the age of 12.

They can literally become fluent with no foreign accent before that threshold.

4. French increases educational opportunities

Speaking French gives opportunities to study in top-level universities and other elite business schools and grandes ecoles, and thus obtain an internationally-recognized degree, while paying more affordable fees than US equivalent universities.

5. French, along with English, is the only language spoken on all five continents.

Knowing French and English gives you a very distinctive advantage when you travel as by speaking one of the two, you have a great chance of being understood.

6. French teachers are more rigorous.

French teachers, trained in France usually have a high standard of teaching and expectations. Dynamic and inventive, they aim for excellence when teaching the French language.

7. French: an opening to international careers

Official language for many international relations organizations (UN, UNESCO, NATO, The International Olympic Committee, The International Red Cross and International Courts), it is also a working language in a variety of industries (luxury items, aeronautics, automobile…). It is definitely an asset and can be useful for any multinational corporations.

8. French and English are Partner-Languages.

A majority of English words derives from the french language and 29% are straight up French words. This means that children already know thousands of French words before starting learning them. It’s easier for English-speakers to learn French, as English is literally a melange of German, Latin and French.

9. Better Test Scores and Grades

Research has shown that studying a new language can help children increase problem-solving skills, memory, and self-discipline. As such children who study a foreign language often have higher standardized test scores in math, reading, and language arts (SAT scores for example).

10. French is The Language of Reasoning and Debate

It is said that French is based on cartesian logic. Indeed, the structures of its sentences stimulates, structure thought and develop critical thinking.

At French Anyway, we recommend French learning and speaking not only because we love our mother tongue but because we do think that it will give its learners an incredible advantage into today’s world.



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